More often than not, when a person has genuine psychic abilities, they don’t dress like their off to a Halloween party, garbed in all black, wearing a sorceress hat and riding a broom, surrounded by fog and ravens.

Being a natural born clairvoyant or receiving the gift later in life does not have to include a house filled with black cats, gargoyles on the rooftop and eye of newt in the fridge.

I hear numerous clients tell of how other psychics online informed them that by lighting three candles of a certain color they can “clear their life of negative energy.” I assure you in no uncertain terms that candles have no power over a demon and this phrase, “Negative energy” that we hear so often in New Age and metaphysical circles, is nothing short of a demon. Dear friend, if you think you can dismiss a demon by lighting a candle, you’re in serious trouble.

A lot of times we hear online psychics claim to be a 4th, 5th…7th generation psychic, meaning they’ve come from an entire lineage of psychics. A real psychic does not need to have evolved from a tribe of psychics nor have ancestral roots in psychic phenomena in order to have the gift of prophecy. Furthermore, there are some people who are born with a high degree of intuitive ability and then there are people who seem to have no psychic ability and then develop it later in life.

As a child, I could see spirits but I assure you that they were not good ones. I came to realize I had profound psychic abilities when I turned 21 years old. My abilities began with prophetic dreams.

Furthermore, the practice of lighting candles to bring back a lover or evoke anything else for that matter is the practice of witchcraft and it’s a pagan practice. The source behind witchcraft and any pagan ritual, contrary to what Wiccan’s might have you to believe, is purely demonic, even if the witches themselves don’t think so.

Before you pay the psychic to cast a spell for you, whether it’s a love spell for romance, a candle spell, black magic spells, white magic spells, gray magic spells or any other type of incantation, be aware of this: You are calling upon demons and nothing short of that to assist you and serve you. They utterly abhor you, and hate you beyond anything you could ever comprehend. They vehemently despise you with a perfect hatred because God Who created you and formed you in the womb is their greatest enemy. They hate God.

Therefore, given any portal of opportunity into your life, they will walk right into your life, per your invitation and make every attempt to trick you, lie to you and ultimately destroy you and or those whom you love.