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Gale St. John isn’t just one of the best and most accomplished celebrity mediums. Her psychic abilities are all encompassing. Call Gale St. John for psychic advice on romantic relationships, financial matters, career matters, partnerships, breakups, dating and more!

Psychic Investigators Gale St. John
The Famous and the Magnificent Psychic Medium Gale St. John
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“Discover the truth about your underlying psychic gifts and not only stop thinking of yourself as crazy but also empower yourself to make a major difference in the lives of others.”
― Catherine Carrigan

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Are Celebrity Mediums Fake?

Not when they find criminals and missing people using only their thoughts. Such is the case of Gale St. John. Gale’s phenomenal range of psychic abilities are not limited to the afterlife

When Hollywood features the greatest psychics in the world like Celebrity Mediums Tyler Henry, Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo and John Edward, no one ever forgets the extraordinary missing persons psychic detective, Gale St. John. She is known worldwide for her astonishing psychic abilities and is one of the most sought after psychics by celebrities and people of influence.

Meet Savantace of Tarotti

Gale St. John made many T.V. appearances, including Psychic Investigators on Netflix and has worked many high profile murder cases, including the Caylee Anthony crime case.

Gale St John appeared on Episode 16, Season 2 of Psychic Investigators: Last Call, as the psychic that helped solve the case of Stacey Hendrickson who disappeared while living away from home at college in Tempe, Arizona.

Gale St John has been featured on television shows. including radio broadcasts such as:

  • Larry King Live.
  • Psychic Investigators (Netflix)
  • CNN’s Nancy Grace.
  • Geraldo Rivera’s ‘At Large.’
  • Psychic Detectives (Court TV).
  • (Court TV ), “A Fateful Friendship.”
  • Psychic Witness (The Learning Channel).
  • TV Episode: “The Psychic Who Solved a Murder.”
  • Film: “The Body Hunters.”
  • Brian Ladd: Nightly Show.
  • Author of “Missing & Presumed Dead.”

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About Psychic Gale St. John

Her Rise in the Ranks of Top Hollywood Celebrity Mediums

She has been notably ranked By HIC As One Of The Top 10 Psychics In The World.

Psychic Gale St John, one of the best psychic’s in the world, is your keen, online psychic source for the best psychic readings on love, romance, relationships, partners, soul mates, twin flames, compatibility, marriage, education, career, work, jobs, finance, money, family and current life situations. In addition to that, she is one of the worlds best psychic mediums.

I was raised in a psychic family with my Mother and Maternal Grand Parents, delivering phenomenal psychic predictions and insightful spiritual messages from beyond.

While I spend much of my time working on homicide and missing person cases, I also work on uncovering the mysteries, secrets, hidden agendas and the unknown, regarding relationships, breakups, dating, love, and romance.

Ohio based Psychic Detective, Gale St John, uses her powerful clairvoyant abilities to work with you on questions about love, relationships, family matters, career, and finances. Furthermore, Gale St. John has astonished the world with her uncanny ability to find missing people.

Like one of the very famous Psychic Mediums, John Edwards, the star of Crossing Over, Gale St John has also performed many gallery readings and continues to astonish people with her phenomenal Psychic Medium abilities, relaying to those who have lost someone near and dear to them, the personal messages offered from those loved ones who have crossed over.

Has someone very special to you passed away and crossed over? Hear from me now and learn what exactly it is that your loved one might desire to share with you today.

I have also published a book entitled, “Missing & Presumed Dead.” You may purchase my 5-star, sensational book on Amazon today, by clicking the image below.

Meet Savantace of Tarotti

Missing & Presumed Dead by Gale St. John

Missing & Presumed Dead: A Psychic's Search for Justice

Missing & Presumed Dead: A Psychic’s Search for Justice
celebrity mediums gale st. john

Gale has been a practicing psychic since childhood. She has been teaching psychic development classes and has provided private psychic readings for over 35 years.

15 Minute Reading: $65.

30 Minute Reading: $125.

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You may schedule an appointment with Gale St John, Psychic Detective, by clicking the Book Now link where you then schedule your appointment and purchase your reading at the same time.

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