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Love Readings about a guy? Then ask a guy! Who better to connect psychically with your man than a man?

Psychic Sylvan works by appointment only. Once you’ve purchased your reading, email your psychic to coordinate the time that works best for both of you.

If you are hoping to uncover the truth about your man’s feelings, his reasons for leaving, his sudden disinterest; pulling away, detachment and mysterious disappearances, try getting a clear perspective from a professional male psychic.
As it often takes a woman to best understand a woman, the same could be said for a man. I am going to tell you the truth the way I perceive it, sense it, feel it and receive it, in my mind’s eye, from my Spirit Guide. I will not hold back. I will share with you everything that comes to me.

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  • 15 Minute Reading – $18.00

  • 30 Minute Reading – $30.00

  • 60 Minute Reading – $45.00

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