Famous Psychics Savantace of Tarotti

The Good, The Bad, The Dirty.

People often ask me how I became a psychic. Are people born with this gift? Do we acquire it at some point in our lives? Where does it begin? I don’t know. I do know that I did, in fact, possess the ability in early childhood. I also know that both my mother and grandmother had the gift of clairvoyance.

While skeptics often look to debunk the notion that Clairvoyance and intuition are entirely natural, inherent instincts, traits, and even supernatural gifts, how can anyone argue and debate known facts where some man or woman sitting at their kitchen table, reading the newspaper, therein has a vision relevant to the article in hand, then phones the police to inform them where the body of a missing person can be found and or accurately with great detail, describe the perpetrator behind the crime when they have no connection to the person or persons involved and live two thousand miles away? And later their information turns out to be 100% accurate.

I was twenty-two years old when I recognized that I was clairvoyant and yet still wasn’t mature enough to realize the potential involved and how to harness it and utilize the ability to help others. For me it was the occasional dreams that came true, the intuition I rarely paid any attention to. I began to better understand my gift at the age of forty-one, back in 2002, while living in Ohio. I awoke one morning, and my first thought was, ‘A hospital Medivac helicopter will crash.’ That was it; no other thought. Therefore, I couldn’t do anything about it since I had no idea where or when, until later that afternoon upon watching the news. Earlier that morning at 12:24 AM, a helicopter en route to pick up a patient, crashed and exploded in the hospital courtyard at Cleveland Clinic hospital where two people were killed.

I can only equate this ability to a person learning to play an instrument. Initially, nothing really makes sense, you’re not actually playing a song but learning scales, keys and chord progressions until one day, you bring it all together and you’re finally making music.
In 2012, while beginning my career as a Christian behavioral treatment specialist and psychotherapist, I took notice of what appeared to be the rise of a new trend –online psychic readings. Four things came to mind, upon seeing the banner ads for online psychic readings: I’m a Christian, a Theological seminary school graduate, a psychotherapist and I’m clairvoyant – Hence, I’d be good at “that.”

When I pray, I always pray for ideas. One of my Seminary school teachers taught us to do that. He said that it’s one of the most over-looked things we normally ask for during prayer. I woke up one morning and my first thought was to apply at one of those online companies that offer psychic readings. I had no idea how to present myself, where to begin or what any of the services entail but I did know that I wanted to try it. I Googled “Online psychic jobs.” One of the top companies in the field was first in the search listing and that’s where I applied. I filled out the online application and within thirty minutes, I received a phone call from their staff manager. She introduced herself and told me that the next step involved was proving to her that I am clairvoyant. Once I did that, I was hired. I began working there the following day. Within two weeks’ time, I was one of their top psychics.

This was a pay-per-minute company. Back then the cost was $8.00 per minute to speak to me. That’s $480 dollars per hour. While my intent was to answer the client’s questions as soon as possible, the company had a very different agenda. All the calls were recorded. Once I completed a call, I’d often receive a call back from the owner or the manager where they’d immediately begin playing the recording of my last call in order to teach me how to keep the client on the phone much longer. She would say, “Be a good storyteller. Tell them to buy candles of certain colors, place crystals under their pillows, chant, and tell the client you’re going to show them how to be a love magnet. Tell them about their beautiful aura.”

The manager would play out a part of the dialogue between the client and myself, then stop the recording to demonstrate what I should have said, in order to keep the client engaged and on the phone. Now the price is $13.00 per minute, which is $780. Per hour. For $780.00 per hour, I no longer care if Harold, George or Tom is coming back. I want to know exactly where the body is buried, who did it and where the police can find them. Unfortunately, you won’t get anything more than a pep talk and a very “Good Story.”

I had countless young women on welfare with two or three young children or people receiving social security disability, barely surviving on the meager income they received each month, calling to ask how their life will improve. I had clients who had lost their job and couldn’t find work, calling to ask what, if anything was in store for them, all the while frantic and terrified as to how they will make their rent or mortgage. And I’m supposed to delude these people into believing that their miracle was right around the corner, offering up some nonsensical chant, spell and chakra nonsense, encouraging them to go buy candles and keep them on the phone, hoping that they lose all track of time as I dwindle away the minutes while the company rapes their bank account? It was vile, abhorrent and inhumane.

“A good psychic” seemed to be defined by how good of a story they good tell over what would really happen. As I began to ask myself, “What am I doing here? This is disgusting and I can’t be a part of this nor associated with it.” I suddenly thought of my dad when he was in the army; he was in Special Forces, a Green Beret and they sent him on a very dangerous mission to Russia. He was to enter looking like a civilian, so he grew his hair long and grew a beard. His job was to rescue scientists wanting to defect.

I was there to learn the horrors of the latest online trend; a serious addiction that was taking women by storm; heroin of sorts, an emotional drug that was putting scores of women in dire financial straits while leading them away from any kind of truth, away from developing a deeper relationship with the Lord, creating a shallow, irrational, unreasonable, illogical, difficult, angry people.
I used to own a small company where I built websites. I realized that I’d accomplished what I had come for –to learn how this business works but I was going to do something very different, leave them and create my own professional company of real psychics, founded on ethics, values, high standards and integrity. I would put the needs of the people before my purse.

I quit the pay-per-minute company after establishing two years of employment with them. Initially, I assumed it would be great to combine clairvoyance with counseling. First, I needed a name for the company and the moment I gave it thought, the word TAROTTI came to mind almost instantaneously as if whispered to me by the Divine Himself. With all the millions of domain names already registered, to my shock, TAROTTI.COM was available and I bought it immediately. Next, I had to build a website and everything else followed.

It was extremely difficult to find people who were genuinely gifted with clairvoyance. Once I was able to find a few, then I had to make sure they were also responsible, trustworthy, dependable and knowledgeable enough to handle the client’s money, not fall back on any bogus lies merely in order to appease the client’s hopes and desires for the perfect outcome and of course keep up with their appointments. Finding professional psychics capable of performing all these duties would going to be a difficult task.

In the first two weeks of Tarotti’s grand opening, I received a letter stating that Tarotti had received negative reviews on the internet but for $500, I could have those negative reviews expunged. Yes, removed entirely. I was immediately alarmed and followed the link that lead me to the negative reviews. There I found a negative review stating that Tarotti had exorbitant prices and that I had told the client their love interest would soon return but hadn’t and that I had racked up thousands of dollars from this heartbroken client. It was painfully obvious that the company who wrote to inform me that they could remove the negative reviews that day was, in fact, the same person who wrote the reviews. I had only been in business for two weeks and when I opened, I was the only psychic available and my fee was a mere $35.00 per hour. For me to have racked up thousands of dollars from one client was virtually impossible. It was then that I also learned no one could never trust review boards.

I also learned that counseling combined with clairvoyance with clients doesn’t work. Most of the clients had one agenda and that was a quick fix to a far more complex problem. People in the throes of heartache do not want to know how to cope if their love interest isn’t returning. They’re in agony and used to the lies, tales, and fables of the pay-per-minute storytellers and when I came along and gave them the truth in conjunction with ideas of how they could better cope with the loss, all hell broke loose. I was the voice of reason in a very unreasonable situation. The best I can equate the situation is this: They came for a drug that drug was a lie and all I was selling was the truth and the clients left feeling robbed, mislead and painfully grief-stricken. The fact of the matter is, they wanted to be lied to and I was not going to become their heroin fix.
I persevered and eventually came to be known as one of the few psychics people could trust.